Fun Spot Orlando

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This is a theme park that gives the experience of many different types of rides. The theme of this park is Americana. This park was opened on 24 December 1997. It is a very large park in about 14 acres of the area. 

There other branches of these are Orlando, Florida, Kissimmee, Florida and Fayetteville.

Besides the different rides, there are also many things you can enjoy here.


There are many things along with the ride that you will enjoy there. Here is the full description of this theme park.

  1. Ticket pricing

The price of the tickets is 50$ per person and you can enjoy all the rides under this $50 amount. Year passes are also available in which you can enjoy the rides for the full year at minimum price.

  • Food available

There are many food stalls are here. You can enjoy the delicious food inside this theme park. The cost of food is also very justified.

  • Entry is free if not riding

And the very interesting thing is that there will be no entry fee charged in case you do not want to enjoy any of the rides. So, you can go inside the park for free as there is no restriction on the entry.

  • Gator spot – at the end

There is a gator spot at the end of the park where there are many shops. You can do shopping from those shops at the end.  The shops generally include the gift shops.

Types of Rides available

There are many different types of rides are available in this park. The rides are of different shapes, sizes, Etc. Some rides are also specially made for kids only and those are not very risky or difficult.

  1. Funhouse

It is a classic funhouse of the American theme. The house is 3 story building. The requirements to go in this funhouse is that height should be 48″ and closed-toe shoes are required to go inside the house.

  • Happy swing

In this huge swing, you will go very high as when it starts there is a steady speed but when it picks up. Then your feet will get higher and higher off the ground. The height requirement of this swing is 36″ and it is included in the one-day pass.

  • Sea serpent

It is not a very difficult ride as it is made for the children. There are just some gentle dips and turns which the kids will surely enjoy. The height requirement is 36″.

  • Scooby boo

You will go through a scooby doo in this ride and manage the themed obstacles. The height requirement is 42” in this swing.

  • Scram blur

It is the type of ride that turns in a clockwise and counterclockwise direction at the same time. It is very interesting as you don’t know in which direction you will turn next. The minimum height requirement is 46″.

  • Bumper Kars (O)

You just need to ride the car and bump with the cars of others. It is a very fun ride for all those who are very fond of driving as this car can be derived by anyone. The height requirement is 46”.

  • Tilt a whirl (O)

This type of swing is like a car and all the cars are placed on a floor. This floor spins and your car will also spin in the opposite direction of this car. And all the cars will spin one by one and you don’t know which car is the next. The minimum height requirement is 46″.

  • Multi-level go-karts

This is a very unique patented design which contains hairpin, steep hills, speed, Etc. There is no minimum height requirement for this swing anyone can enjoy it.

  • Hot seat

This is a giant arm that will swing you on both sides of the front and the backside. The swing is more than 180 degrees and in past perpendicular direction. The minimum height requirement is 48”.

  1. Ferris wheel

In this wheel, you can have a view of the entire park. At night the Ferris wheel light, up and displays beautiful lighting display. This the biggest ride of the entire park. The minimum height requirement is 51”.

  1. Headrush 360

Under this you will be swinging on any side you can think of. This ride is not possible for anyone. The minimum height requirement is 48”.

  1. Froghopper

This ride is generally made for the kids. In this ride, there is a form that will take you from the up to down continuously. The height requirement is 36″.

  1. Enterprise

This wheel spins and lifts at the 90 degrees in the upwards direction all without seatbelts or restraints. This is the centrifugal force that will keep you inside. The minimum height requirement is 54″.

  1. Sky coaster

This coaster you can ride along with your friends up to with 3 people. It the world’s second tallest sky coaster at 250 ft.

  1. White lightening

It is the smoothest ride you can ever imagine. The speed of this ride is 48 mph. It also offers great views from the Hight. It is the gravity-driven swing and offers unexpected airtime. The minimum height requirement is 46”.

  1. Freedom flyer

This ride is made with its unique lap bar system. It increases the thrill of the riders. You can ride this wheel with your family and friends. The minimum height requirement is 48″.


Many of the rides are available in the daily pass. Isn’t it amazing that you can enjoy these so many different rides in only $50? Some of them are even the world’s biggest rides you can ever enjoy.

So, you should surely visit this park at least once as this park is very large and many amazing things can enjoy it.